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Plan Inclusive Learning Experience
Let's Take a “Touch” Walk (REC #6202) This lesson invites students to take a walk outside the school building, to use their senses to explore the environment and then to use and develop language skills to describe it.

Learn More about Inclusion
Interactive Tools for Parents: Developmental Milestones (REC #9602) This interactive tool allows the user to view how a developmental milestone category changes as a child grows.

Build Family Connections
Pet Survey (REC #6214) This lesson has the children and teacher creating and conducting a survey about pets of friends and family, and eventually analyzing the results..

Explore Inquiry Projects
The Sound Project (REC #12146) Do you hear what I hear? Toddlers characteristically experience the world around them through their senses. At this center, the children 18–30 months explored the classroom and materials by being curious and listening and in the process learned how to have fun making beautiful noise.

Examine Best Practices
Writing in Preschool (REC #9401) In this, the fifth best practice brief in the Early Childhood Building Blocks series, Lisa Lenhart, Co-director of Reading First -Ohio Center effectively illustrates the development of writing skills in young
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